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Skilled Legal Assistance Through The Trademarks And Copyright Registration Process

As a business owner or producer of unique pieces of art or work, you have intellectual property to protect. To do so, the federal government – through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and relevant state laws – provides a series of legal tools that will grant you author rights over your work and protection from potential misuse of your brand.

When you protect your intellectual property – which refers to your creations, including designs, artistic work or inventions – you also shield your competitive advantage, identity and position in the market. The Wiener IP Firm, LLC, in Stafford, assists individuals and businesses of all sizes nationwide in the process of registering a trademark and copyright. After a conversation with Mr. Wiener about your legal concerns and needs, he will explain whether your material is subject to registration and what the next steps are.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

After submitting a trademark or copyright application to the USPTO, materials are reviewed by examining attorneys to determine whether to accept or deny the request. Mr. Wiener is a former trademark examining attorney for the USPTO, a background that provides him a unique perspective on the process. Throughout his time in the USPTO, he was involved in the decision-making process to publish or deny a trademark. He knows the internal workings of the system and will use this knowledge to guide you and assist you through every stage of the process.

When Should You Apply For A Copyright Or A Trademark?

If, for example, you want to pursue registration of your work as a photographer, songwriter or author, you may apply or register for a copyright. The term refers to the legal protection granted to the author for using the registered work. It gives the author the right to reproduce, distribute copies of and perform the content in public.

When it comes to the graphic representation of your brand, slogans, names of your products or brand name itself, you may need to apply for a trademark. This covers the words and images associated with your product and describes your goods and services.

In a market where identity and ownership are everything, the assistance and advice of an experienced intellectual property lawyer can help you. Call today.

Learn Your Options And The Next Steps

Contact the Wiener IP Firm, LLC by calling 703-982-7601 or sending an email. Schedule your free initial consultation with Mr. Wiener. The law firm serves clients across the country from Virginia.